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Create Fashion Brand LDA, and PTIMG GROUP  the manufacturers of casualwear and streetwear for men and women, are making waves in the ethical clothing industry and have become the go-to zero waste manufacturers for a number of luxury brands.


C.F.B and PTIMG GROUP is a Portugal based textile manufacturer founded by Margarida Goes in 1989.

The company began making high quality clothing from the best eco-responsible fabrics in Portugal and have been at the forefront of sustainable textile clothing technologies for the last 15 years. C.F.B was passionate about sustainability when there was little mainstream knowledge of it.


The company prides itself on being a zero-waste manufacturer. Examples of this include fabric scraps in the cutting process being used to make new fabric as recycled cotton.

A circular water circuit cleans any water used of all impurities such as heavy metals, lead and cadmium. After cleaning the water, it is reused to dye the fabrics.

C.F.B is incredibly proud of its family of over 110 skilled staff, continuously educating and training them to deliver high quality products.

They are dedicated to promoting an ethical work environment and have become the leading manufacturers in the industry, working with renowned international luxury brands as well as supporting new brands in their growth and being big advocates of equal opportunities.


The awareness of eco-friendly clothing and the zero-waste movement has dramatically increased over the past decade and is changing the trajectory of the fashion industry for the better.

People are finally understanding the importance of consumer safety, preserving resources and environmental protection during the life cycle of clothing production.

C.F.B have been a major company leading this shift. They are one of the few manufacturers who meet the goal of sustainability without compromising on quality, style and finish of the clothing they produce.

This has led to them building a solid reputation with the brands they work with.

Margarida Goes Santos founder of Create Fashion Brand comments:

Sustainability is a long-term investment and fashion should not cost us our planet.

since-1989 - Producing High-Quality Garments

Producing High-Quality Garments

Production Plant and Working Lines

We have a product quality monitor in each working line examining the work during the production so that each worker in the line will realize immediately when they make a “mistake” and remedy accordingly during the production, which ensures the defect won’t accumulate into the mass.

Cutting Facilities

With full CMT facilities, we have the advantage since they are able to monitor and control the whole process from start to finish.

Warehousing Facilities

Within our 3 facilities, we have a secure 5,400 sq.m. warehouse, which has 24/7 manned security, ensuring your order is safe physically and intellectually.

Competitive Pricing

Our highly skilled and efficient workforce, together with our state-of-the-art facility and machinery means that our pricing is keenly competitive without any compromise on quality.

Proactive Policy

Once we have agreed on your order, you can be secure in the knowledge that production will be to the time scale and costs agreed. Our policy is to keep you informed of progress at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Every time we dispose of something, it has to go somewhere. Combatting this one step at a time is where companies like C.F.B and PTIMG are paving the way for a more sustainable, bright future.

For any further information or quotes please contact the office +351 252132697 | +351 912148425  on Portugal

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